Born Again..

So after having done the YES+ course, meeting Guruji and few other wonderful things that happened to me, I was feeling like some wings had been attached to my life. I was feeling as if I found something, some out of the world stuff. Life had literally taken off. But still, it had to reach the crest..!!

So, after a few days, it happened for me to attend a DSN course by Anand Rajendran Ji, one of the most revered teachers for it and also associated with Guruji very closely for a long time. Initially, I had some reservations about it, like what it would be, but after a little pushing by my friends, I registered for it. Now this was something different. Something very confusing and demanding at the start, but as it progressed session by session, I found myself being taken to an altogether different level. Despite getting very-very drained physically, the emotional and spiritual energy levels were touching their pinnalce.The whole course was an exhilarating experience for me, which shook me all over inside and removed a lot of my inhibitions.

It was May 2, 2010, last day of the course. Anandji took us through a process, told a lot of ‘Guru Stories’ and asked us to sit with our eyes closed. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for my Master, and with my eyes closed and the environment vibrating with devotional music, I reached the threshold of bhaav and broke down. I cried.., I cried like never before, since the time I had grown up. I cried like a baby for some 20 min with tears of gratitude flowing down. There were some other participants too who had simlar experiences and when I recollected myself after it, I was Born Again..!!
Born in the sense, that it seemed like, there was some hollowness, some emptiness inside. I felt like rejuvenated and fresh. It felt like all my worries and tensions were taken away. I could feel a new source of strength within me. And I marked this day as my second B’ day..!!

It happens that when we surrender ourselves to the divinity, the grace of the Master flows. The heart opens up and Love pours in. This experience enriched my life and took the words to the level of realization.

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