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Soon afterwards, it was time for Guruji to visit Haryana. During His visit, He visited quite a few places, Rohtak, Bhiwani, Hisar, Karnal, Kurukshetra and how could have I held myself back when He was in my home state? J
So, Guruji first went to Rohtak and the next day He was in Bhiwani. It was Mar 18, 2011. There was a satsang in Bhiwani that day at 11 in the morning. I had come from Chandigarh to Hisar, my apparent hometown, the previous night for it. In the morning I got really late and headed to Bhiwani from Hisar at around 10 AM. I took a bus and normally it takes 1-1.5 hours, but on that day, it was strolling and stopping like a local EMU. All during the journey, I was thinking that I was going to reach late and might not be able to meet Him, as He was to head back to Hisar after the satsang. I was saying within, “Agar milna hi nahi tha to fir bulaya kyun” [Why have you called me, when you don’t want to meet me] as the bus was getting more and more delayed due to some silly reasons. But finally I reached, rushed to the venue and managed to reach there by 12.30 PM. The satsang was over by then. As I was entering the venue, people were coming out, but unmindful of all that, I was rushing in to get a glimpse of His. When I reached inside, I saw some people coming down the stage as He had just left. I ran towards them pushing aside the crowd and finally when I reached up to Him, the last vehicle of His caravan was leaving. It was a Gypsy, open from back. One person was sitting behind and as I ran towards it, he landed me a hand and pulled me into the vehicle. I was a bit relieved and running out of breath. Then we followed Guruji. He reached at someone’s home and His car drove in, but by the time I reached there, they had closed the main gate. I requested to open, but they didn’t listen. I was looking at Guruji through the gate. He came out of the car, and I waved my hand towards Him and shouted, “Gurujiii….”. He saw me and asked them to open the gate. I rushed near Him. My breath was still very fast. I quietly stayed behind Him very closely, but in a sort of disbelief. He entered the house and was given a very traditional welcome, first worshiped, His feet imprints taken and then the feet washed with water. When they started washing His feet with milk, He stopped them and said, “Nahi nahi, doodh nahi” [No no, no milk] and I was moved by His concern for the adequate use of resources. Then He sat there, and let me tell you, I was the first person to bow to His feet in that house. He looked into my eyes, and there was desperation in those and I was still running out of breath. He smiled and then a thought with a little sense of show off came to mind, something like “Dekho mai bhag ke aaya hun” [See I have came here running] and He didn’t take more than a second to read it. L

Guruji in Bhivani when I met Him.

But, such is the grace of the Master. He knew that I was coming there and despite my thoughts that whether I would be able to meet Him or not, He had arranged the meeting for me so closely and so beautifully that i couldn’t have imagined and that too with the series of events looking so natural.
He stayed there for some time and then He moved to some other place. Now I didn’t know where He had gone. I was thinking that what do I do now, should I go back to Hisar, as He was also scheduled to depart for it after some time, or should I follow Him? As going by my own would have taken me at least 3 hours to reach Hisar. While thinking about all this, some ladies came there and hired an auto to reach the place where He’d gone. I requested them as can I also come along and they agreed. I reached that place and waited there for some time, as He was eating His lunch there. From there He was to head directly to Hisar and I was not finding any way to reach there in time. I asked many people if they could also take me along, but none agreed. So I was silently praying Him that “Take me along as well”. I was so desperate that i was thinking that if this time you take me to Hisar, then I would believe that you really listen to me.
After some time, He came out, and somehow managed to reach the car after handling so many pushes for the devotees. He came to His customary seat, the front one, and waved to the crowd. I was near the driver’s seat and was intensely but silently praying Him, that take me along also. He was looking as if unmindful of all, so innocent and natural. He sat in the car and car drove. I thought, “He’s gone”. But as soon as He left, there was a vehicle behind His car. A lady and a guy were sitting inside. I asked her if I can come along, and she agreed. I was feeling so happy and grateful to Him, as this time also, He demonstrated to me that He was listening. Later while going along I found that the lady was mother of my Class 10th school mate, Lavish Gupta, and He was the one driving Guruji’s car. She couldn’t get a seat even in her own car and I was hoping for one for myself J.
Then after reaching Hisar, I reached where He was staying. I called my mother also there, as this was the best place to get a better glimpse of His. She was also longing to meet Him. She came there. I also called my bua there as she was to come to Hisar to attend the satsang. I had asked her for a pagri  for Guruji to bring from Rajasthan. All while sitting there I was praying that, “Guruji, please meet my mom here if not me” as the last time she was not able to meet Him in Chandigarh, and in the disappointment, she was fuming at me J. And although, He had met me quite a few times here, I was still longing for that special look of His and His special attention, which I found missing so far.
Suddenly, after some time He came down, and immediately got crowded by people. I called my mother near Him and pushed her through the crowd. She finally met Him and He also gave His blessings to her. Then it was my turn. I met Him and gave Him a loving hug and then He looked at me and said something like, “Tum ab jao vahan satsang venue par aur logon ko line me baithao” [You go there at the satsang venue now and make people sit in the rows]. I said, “Ok Guruji”. By that time my bua had also came there, but was not allowed to enter due to heavy rush. So I went near the gate and asked for His pagri. She handed it over to me, and when I approached Him with it in my hands, He eagerly took it from me, and put that over His head, as if He was expecting it and waiting for it. It was a beautiful yellow traditional Rajasthani style pagri and was looking very beautiful on Him. I was feeling so elated and like over the moon. He then again asked me, “To tum vahan ja rahe ho na” [You are going there na for sure] and I said, “Yes Guruji”, wondering that He remembers and means what He says amidst all the chaos around. I just smiled broadly at Him and all that could came out of my mouth was “Love you Guruji..” and He looked into my eyes with those broad penetrative and beautiful smiling eyes, full of Divine Love and gestured in His customary way, making a ‘V’ near His heart, meaning “Me too”. I came out, hugged my mom in ecstasy and left for the venue.
To sum up, here are a few lines by me:
रांझा-रांझा करते-करते मै रांझा हो गया..॥
जब तुमने कहा “मै तेरा”, तो सब मेरा हो गया..॥
अब तक तो नही था खुद का भी, पर अब.. मै तेरा हो गया…॥

That time while going to that venue, once again I realised how He listens to each and every prayer of ours and fulfils them too, like meeting me in Bhiwani, taking me back along, meeting my mom and giving me that personal attention, for which I was longing. It was looking like on that day, He was keen on fulfilling each and every wish of mine.
I reached the venue and started making people sit in the rows properly, asking them very politely and very patiently. People were like determined to demolish the seating plan and often I had to come across their high tempers, as after all it was Haryana ;), but I kept my cool, thinking I am doing my Master’s job. After some time, people started to pour in. Though I had given away my desire to get a front seat for myself despite having passes for myself and family, I wanted to make the family sit properly, but they were all too late to arrive for it. Meanwhile I got a volunteer pass from one of the volunteers and then it was time to experience once again His unique style of teaching and showering grace. At one point I was even thinking that whether I would be able to get any seat nearby Him, but then I could walk through every corner of the venue with that volunteer’s pass.
Guruji at Hisar Satsang (Pic not clicked by me)
That day He made me realize that, “You just take a step in doing my work, and I’ll come 100 steps nearer to you to do yours..”
Such is the grace of the Master and His unique style of teaching. J

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  1. Guruji, you are purest form of Divine and I want to merge in that forever.Thanks Vinay for this soulful illustration of HIS grace and divine love.