Ravelling into Infinity..

After this meeting, quite a few days passed without meeting Him and the desire to see Him was growing ever so quickly. Quite a lot had changed during this period and I had somethings to ask Him too.

So, now, after some three months, it was time to meet Guruji, physically, in Jaipur on the occasion of Maha Shivratri. I was waiting for it for quite a long time and was very excited about going there. There were a lot of people travelling to Jaipur from Panchkula and Chandigarh on this occasion. So I planned my trip with Panchkula group. We had Singla Ji, Anita Ji, Rohilla Ji and few other people with us. After all the drama that happened, with two of my friends Ashima and Shweta, who had also decided to come along with us, missing the train (although they joined us the next day), I finally reached Jaipur. It was Mar 1, 2011 and after getting refreshed in the hotel, we roamed around a bit in the city on that day. We saw Guruji at night when He arrived in Jaipur. The next day was Maha Shivratri and it was going to be a grand event. We had a Maha Sudarshan Kriya [Sudarshan Kriya done in a big group] planned the next morning and in the evening we were going to have the Mahasatsang.
So the next day, in evening, though there was a huge crowd that had turned up from all corners of the globe, we managed to get seats at a pretty nice place. Melodious bhajans were going on and the whole atmosphere was jublient. It was a festival like environment, but I was somehow not in that festive mood. After waiting for a while, Guruji came and everyone seemed charged up. He first walked through us on the ramp, showering His Love on all and then started doing Rudra Pooja, in the most ancient and vedic manner with the reciting of mantras by trained Brahmins, who had come all the way from Bangalore.
After the pooja, Guruji sat on His seat and went into deep meditation. Soulful Shiv bhajans were being sung by eminent Art of Living singers. Each word and melody of those were stirring the soul and plucking every string of the heart. People were swaying in joy and devotion and I was in a dilemma whether to keep my eyes fixed on Guruji or meditate with Him in His Divine aura. After some tussle in the mind, I decided to meditate for some time, till He opens His eyes. But before sitting for the meditation, I told someone to let me know when Guruji open eyes. I sat in meditation. After a while I was feeling a rush all around me, but I kept my eyes closed thinking that that person would let me know if anything happens. But that person was keeping to my words ‘when Guruji opens eyes’ literally. So she didn’t tell me anything. Suddenly someone pinged me to stand up. I hastily stood up and what I saw was absolutely mesmerizing. Gurudev were in ‘Bhaav Samadhi’[Total ecstasy], acquiring a position similar to that of Shiva holding a Trishul.... and Ravelling into Infinity..!!!
For those who are completely unaware of it, it is a state when you go beyond the mind and intellect and your consciousness becomes one with the universal divine consciousness.
It was a magnificent site to watch. I had been longing for long to see Gurudev in Bhaava. I had learnt about Yogis going into this state during my years of spiritual reading, but still hadn’t witnessed it. I had once read that when Swami Vivekanada used to take up meditation seesions in West, he used to go into deep samadhi and their disciples used to find it almost impossible to bring him back to normal. So people, after waiting for long periods, used to return back. When Swamiji came to know about it, he told them a word, which when spoken in his ear during such state, would help bring him back to normal state soon.
So, that was the day to witness it as well. Though it didn’t require us to speak any word in Guruji’s ears :P. I was spellbound and the energy in the atmosphere was something to be felt. It remained like that for a few minutes and Gurudev came back to the world after some time.

Guruji in Bhaav Samadhi. (Pic not clicked by me)

Guruji doing Rudra Pooja (Before Bhaav Samadhi)
And when He opened His eyes after that, I could see the love sparkling in His eyes had multiplied a thousand folds. Those were gleaming with Divine Love and the best word if I could use for that would be ‘Khudai-Noor’. He had that Khudai-Noor in those beautiful eyes of His and His every expression; every movement of body was so much full of it as it seemed He was still there on some different plane than us. He again walked through us on the ramp nearby us, looking at all of us and showering flowers & His Love on us. The crowd went absolutely berserk.
Really, those moments were something to be treasured in heart J

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