My First Dip in the Divine Love..

Finally, the day came, when I was going to go to meet the phenomenon known as Sri Sri Ravishankar in person. During the course, I had come very close to Him, and had set up a heartily connection with Him. Now, I knew, He is not far away from me and I could share even the darkest corners of my life with Him. Before leaving for Rishikesh, I had written a very honest letter, mentioning the most serious concerns and dilemmas of my life. I wanted to handover all to Him then J
So, I boarded the arranged bus with my office AOL group having Bhanuja, Sushant, Ankit, Amamdeep, Laveen and Ema with me. Ashima and Shweta were also there in the bus. We started at night, and it was a very long and tiring journey and I even thought once, is it worth going so far? But finally, we reached in the morning and then reached the ashram where He was staying. It was along the banks of the Holy Ganges. There was a lot of buzz and excitement in the air around that place. I came to know, that there is still some time for Him to come out. So we all office group went to Ganges and took a cool dip. It was refreshing. Suddenly the buzz amplified and we came out, put on our clothes and rushed to His Kutir. We were told to stand in a line in the ashram, but I didn’t like that. So I along with Bhanuja hid there in some corner and waited for Him to come out.
After a few minutes, He came out, in those characteristic flowing white robes and that loving smile on His face carrying a divine aura and followed by a group of people behind Him. He was walking at a brisk pace. As He came near me, some 2-3 meter away, I joined my hands and bowed Him to say “Pranaam”. He looked straight into my eyes, and acknowledged it…. and that was it.., I was bowled over!!!
There was something in that loving gaze of His that penetrated deep into the layers of my existence and it seemed like something sparked off inside. I became totally blank and didn’t know what to do? I was just standing there as if there was no one else around, except me and Him. I didn’t feel the buzz that was there around Him. It felt like time had stopped for a few moments.
Before meeting Him, I used to think how to find a Guru, a true Guru, an Enlightened Master among this crowd of saints that is visible these days? Some learned person once told me that to find a true Master, first become a true seeker. And now, I realise, that it is not us who can choose a Master, but it is the Master who chooses His disciples and now I feel that, that was the moment when He chose me.
As I recollected myself after a few moments, I found that He had moved a few yards by then, and I looked at myself and found that I had not handed over the letter to Him that I had written with so much anticipation. I said to Bhanuja, “Bhanuja, maine letter to diya hi nahi” [Bhanuja, I couldn’t hand over the letter] and she replied, “Areey jao, jaldi de ke aao” [Go, and quickly hand Him over]. So I ran through the crowd and handed Him the letter, and while walking, to my huge satisfaction, He looked at the envelope in an inquiry mode. 
For the information of my dear friends, who have not been able to meet Him, I tell you, He reads each and every letter of yours and responds in His own unique way.
I was very excited and happy, but thought that still I have not been able to get a “Jaadu ki Jhappi”[Hug] from Him. So I tried to rush through the crowd again, but this time, couldn’t get a chance. He had entered the ‘Darshan Line’ and I couldn’t sneak in. Then I skipped the whole line, and went to the end of it. The line ended at the entrance of a Hall where an Advance Course was going on. So after giving darshan to all, He entered the hall, and I was standing at a side near the entrance, thinking that He’ll not come now. But suddenly, much to my amazement, He came out and walked towards my side and stood there for a while, enquiring something, I didn’t know what. Then realizing my chance and gathering my courage, I said, “Guruji, mujhe aapse gale milna hai” [Guruji, I want to hug you] and He lovingly embraced me!! I was in a sort of disbelief and became crowd conscious. So even though He gave me a loving hug, I could not feel the magic. But nevertheless I was very happy.
After coming back, I had written a few words describing this incidence..
दिल में झांका तो एक लौ दिखाई दी।
आँखें खुली तो मुस्कुराहट छायी थी।
वो कहते हैं खुदा की तस्वीर नही होती,
पर हमें तो उनमे रब की झलक दिखाई दी।
शायद कमी रह गयी है कहीं हममे,
वरना वहां तो बस खुदा और उसकी खुदाई थी

This sums up perhaps what I felt.

After that, He went into the meditation hall and we had a short meditation with Him.
Afterwards, we just wandered in and around for few hours in Rishikesh. Then we came to know, that He would meet the Chandigarh Yes+ team. We got excited, but there was some time for it, so I and Ankit decided to go for another dip in the Ganges. We went into the Ganges and there were some other people around also. As I took the first dip and got up, I found that I had lost my specs in the Ganges. Now, in that uneven bottom, padded with rocks and that speedily flowing water, it was almost impossible to find it back. I told this to Ankit and he also started searching for it. There were some local ‘Coin Picking’ boys, expert in searching underneath water. When asked, they also started searching, but after 10-15 min of searching, what we had in our hands was Nothing. I eventually lost hope that I’ll get it back, but I was calm as I always carry another specs with me. So I was not too disturbed, but definitely concerned.

During the Yes+ course, Aakash Bhaiya had told us a story about ‘Jai Gurudev’, which you can get from me on demand J. So I thought, let us also try the same. So I just closed my eyes, remembered Him and said “Jai Gurudev”. Then opened my eyes and put my hand in the Ganges. When I waived it once, something like a slim stick stuck in my hands, and I took it out, and to my utter astonishment, it was my specs. When I told this to Ankit, he was more amazed than me, and we were like over the moon.
Then, after a few minutes, still in the excitement, we went back and lined up for the Yes+ meet with Sri Sri. When we got in to meet Him, we just threw our footwears outside and rushed in. We met Him very closely and were all very happy. When we came out, Ankit could not find his footwear. We looked around all the possible places where it might have been, but couldn’t find it. Many footwears were spread all over. Then, I started telling the same story to Ankit which Aakash Bhaiya had told me, and which had led me getting my specs back. I was telling that to him and was not even completed with it, that suddenly we saw the footwears under our eyes just in front of us and exclaimed, “Ye rahe..” [Here they are..].
We were just too amazed at what was happening with us? Were these just coincidences or something really was happening? Now it is only a matter of experience and no amount of explanation can satisfy the mind. But this was really an amazing experience…

And by this time, Sri Sri had turned into Gurudev for me.

This was not due to these little miraculous incidents that had happened, but this was because I felt the inner connection with Him, which however was always there. I felt that He was there with me listening to me all the time. As far as miracles are concerned, the relationship of a Master and Devotee is beyond it. The way Divine Love emanates and gratitude flows in His physical presence is in fact the biggest miracle you can ever experience. For me, He is an incarnation of Love, compassion and profound knowledge and that all with the innocence of a beautiful child. You can’t but just Love Him. You are not left with any choice. Your mind gets blank in His presence, free of desires and thoughts and often the joy within erupts and tears of gratitude starts rolling down effortlessly.
Such is the phenomenon known as Sri Sri Ravishankar.

To pay a tribute to My Master, I have written these few lines..
इस्तेकबाल होता है जब उनसे, तो जैसे प्यासे हलक मे नीर उतरता है॥
बदल जाती है जिन्दगी, जैसे सूर्यकिरण से गुलज़ार खिलता है॥
उलझी रह जाती है नज़रें और दिल दीदार को तरसता है॥
मुस्कुराते हैं जब मेरे गुरुदेव, तो जैसे खुदा का नूर बरसता है…॥

Guruji during meeting with our YES+ group in Rishikesh.
As a matter of fact, let me tell you, that as soon as I reached back home from Rishikesh the next day, my specs got disintegrated on its own, as it had served me for quite long. Perhaps, if I could say like this, that its lifetime was over even there, and it swept away into the Holy Ganges on its own, but owing to my prayers, He extended it for a day J
One more thing I realised that day, that although He listens to us always, but we should not make it a daily business to deal with our small-small discomforts, as He has a lot more other important things in the world to look into.

Then later on all of us went to Rishikesh City for an evening walk. There, we got a bit late and we realized that we were getting late for the evening satsang. Unable to get any public transport, we hired a car and drove straight to the satsang hall, as if our flight was just to take off. We rushed in, and could manage to get a place only at the end of it. The atmosphere was jubilant and filled with a devotional air. It was a large hall and being at back, I could see just a figure of Guruji. We were just lost in the divine music and were dancing and singing. Suddenly I came to know that satsang was over and Guruji had left the hall from the front door. I tried to rush out but all the doors were closed and I couldn’t get even a glimpse of His from the windows. So after some time, as the doors opened, I rushed out to His kutir but He was already inside. The gates were closed and only those with an appointment were allowed inside. There were some 50 people waiting outside to sneak in, but it was all in vain. Our whole group had to head back to Chandigarh on that night itself and the time for it was nearing in. I waited anxiously outside for some 20 minutes and had called Ankit also by that time. After a while, the calls to go back had started falling into my years, but I was missing touching His feet, although I had met Him, hugged Him.

Then, when I thought that I might have to leave, I just closed my eyes, touched my heart and prayed Him, “Guruji, I just want to touch your feet before leaving..”. And as soon as I opened my eyes, within moments the doors opened and to my utter disbelief, Gurudev appeared from nowhere. By that time, most people had left. I was standing on the ground and He was standing just 4-5 steps above the ground. There was no one between me and Him, and I just bowed my head and touched it to His lotus feet. Then He said to me and Ankit, “Haan, tum logon se to mai mil chukka hoon na..” [I have already met with you na..]. We just nodded happily without saying anything and feeling, “Oh.., He remembers us”. We went back so happily and finally left for Chandigarh unwillingly, as the following day was ‘Holi’ celebrations with Gurudev.

But, what I realised on that day was that whenever we call Him with devotion or ‘bhaav’ in our heart, He listens to it, no matter where we are. I felt that as soon as I started praying, He had left His seat to meet us. Such is His Love… Unconditional and Undiluted..!!!


  1. oh wow...thx for this post Vinay!!

    u v not missed a single memories got refreshed pleasantly!!

    i must congratulate u on this blog nd let u knw that ur english is as vibrant as hindi...i loved a lot of things on the blog other than d posts thmselves..

    i loved the line in this post whr u mentioned about wat the biggest miracle is..

    keep posting regularly

  2. Thanks Bhanuja.. :)
    Friends like u keep me going..
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