That Unknown Messenger..

So after coming from Ashram, life took its own pace. It had been some time that I was away from Guruji, although only physically. Being away from Him creates some sort of restlessness in me and I just keep looking for the chances to see Him.

So, I came to know, that Guruji would be coming to Delhi for a day. He often comes to Delhi on short unofficial trips and many people don’t even know about it. But my search engine remains always on J.
So, I went to Delhi and after some searching, I finally went where He was expected to come. It was someone’s home near Hotel ITC Maurya. There were a few others also from Chandigarh there.. Aditi, Rohan Makhija, Varun Bali, Manish Sharma and few others.

We were waiting for His arrival and after some time He came but we could meet Him only for a short while. He left for some meeting after some time. We inquired, when would He come back and came to know that He’d come by 4 or 5 PM. It was just 12 PM at that time, so some of us decided to go to market and come back after lunch. We came back by 4 PM there. Then we came to know, that He may come there only by evening, some 8 PM or so, but we were determined that we’d not go without seeing Him once more. So we were waiting, as His whereabouts were not known. Nobody else was there except four of us from Chandigarh; Varun, Manish, I and one more guy. We were sitting under open sky alongside road and the weather was sending us warnings, but unfazed by all this, we were just sitting there, talking, playing, sleeping or calling Him in meditation.

Then after a while, as we were sitting there waiting, we saw a girl walking towards us. She was coming smilingly towards us and, though a bit confused I also smiled back, wondering who she was? She introduced herself as Divya, and told us that she had got separated from her group but also told us where Guruji were!! She told us that He would be having a meeting with Delhi volunteers at some nearby auditorium very soon.

Much to our relief and happiness, she was like a messenger for us sent by Him, as otherwise, we would have waited there for another 4-5 hours alongside road, in bad weather, without any assistance from anyone. But our Master didn’t want us to be that way, so by His divine will, that Girl came and took us to the auditorium.
While we were going, on foot, as expected it started raining heavily. We had just one umbrella and we were getting drenched. The venue was some 1 KM away. But by His grace, a car stopped near us, and took Divya and me along to the venue.

Now, there was another problem, we didn’t have any passes to enter inside, which were freely distributed to the Delhi AOL people earlier. But we were too determined to get inside after having reached the venue, as we knew; He can’t go away without meeting us. So, after all the exhaustive efforts to get inside failed, we decided to look for an alternative. One of us decided to search for an alternative entry and amidst heavy rains; Manish went to search. He came back after discovering a secret entry point and whatever happened after that was no less than a Bollywood filmy scene.

We all decided to follow him. First I went along him to inspect the entry route and after reaching there, I found it okay. So I stood there and sent Manish to bring the other two guys. They also came there escaping from all eyes. The secret route was inside a site under construction, which was part of the auditorium. It was all dark there, with building material and loose wiring spread all around. Using our mobile torch and sniffing anyone’s presence around, we sneaked into the building on our toes like burglars. We came inside and were trying to be very normal and natural as if nothing had happened, but inside us, there was like a storm of excitement of having achieved something great, and was very hard to suppress.

But now, there was another problem. Though, we were inside the building, but not inside the main auditorium. And for that also, we needed that pass. But we were pretty sure to get inside this time also, though didn’t know how?? J. After sometime, Guruji came inside, from another gate, and we were among the first people to greet Him and were really happy. Although we had sneaked in, but there were some more people standing outside, who couldn’t achieve the feat like ours :P. So, instead of going into the auditorium, He first went to meet those people standing outside and took them in. I was really moved by His Love and concern for all.

Guruji entering the auditorium building.

Then we finally sneaked inside the auditorium also after all the push and pain along with Guruji and had a wonderful time with Him.

Guruji inside the auditorium.

It was such an adventure to experience. These are His own ways, so unique, so adventurous, so funny and yet so full of learning. That day, we realized, that He is taking care of each of us, and reaches us by His own unique natural looking ways. These experiences teach a lot, and makes the faith stronger, which otherwise would not have been possible to understand.
Such is His love J.

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