The Mad Scramble..

The Mad Scramble.. yes that is how it is!!
I have seen Formula One races on TV, but that happens on the tracks specially designed for it and under certain rules, but the chasing race that happens behind Guruji’s car on the busy chaotic roads of Delhi in broad daylight, full of traffic and without any rules, except that no car crosses Guruji’s car, is nothing but a mad scramble. This is simply an astonishing and thrilling experience to be a part of such chase. Though, personally I and even Guruji are against such crazy acts, and He constantly keeps saying all to be patient, but as has been said, there are no rules in Love and War.

I have been a part of such races a few times, and I tell you, it’s no less than a miracle how these cars survive those near scary escapes. Just imagine, cars speeding at 100-120 kmph amid that heavy and chaotic Delhi traffic, trying to overtake each other without caring either for their own safety or others and still come out clean is simply extraordinarily amazing. If somebody could take an aerial view of it, then only one could see what actually happens. Even a Michael Schumacher will find it difficult to drive in that chaos.

But during all that while, Guruji sitting on the front seat of His car, is absolutely relaxed, talking over phone with someone most of the times, and looking like He doesn’t know anything, but I tell you, He is busy doing perhaps the most difficult task of the moment, shielding each and all through that mad rush. Its not just Guruji who is relaxed during that rush, even the people chasing Him are absolutely relaxed without any iota of fear in their hearts about their safety. They have that faith, that all is being taken care of, but I find it a bit too much to ask from Him.

But.., you know, such is the Love of a Devotee and a Master. J

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