Kriya Karvani Hai Ya Nahi..

Well, it happened one night. I had gone to Sumedha Talwar’s home, senior Art of Living teacher, regarding some work. While coming back, someone from her house dropped me in Sec 4, Panchkula market. It was around 9.30 PM. I asked to hire an auto, but it was demanding too much, so I moved and thought I would find some other ahead. So I moved out of market, but after a while I realized that it would not be easy to find any auto at that time. I waited there for some time, and at last, losing any apparent hope to find one, I started walking as standing there also was of no use either. My house was some 6-7 kms away and that day, I had not done Sudarshan Kriya also. I had to do that at night, as I never miss it at any cost.

So that night, it was already around 10 PM by then. I was very tired too and it was looking like I had to cover at least 2-3 kms on foot to find any auto to reach home, and that would have made me very tired and nearly 11:30 PM or so to reach home. So I was finding it a bit tough. While walking, I was constantly searching for anything to drop me, but there was nothing around. So while thinking it all, a thought came to mind, and I asked Guruji, “Guruji, aaj Kriya karvani hai ya nahi..??” [Guruji, you want me to do Kriya tonight or not..??] and as soon as this thought vanished and I looked back, I saw an auto rickshaw coming my way. A ray of hope lighted inside me. I waved my hand to it and it stopped near me. What I saw was that the autowala was not looking for passengers, but was teaching some kid how to drive auto.!! I asked him if he could drop me, and he agreed at a very reasonable price.

I was feeling very relaxed and overwhelmed by the way His grace flows, and the way He listens to ‘each of us’ 24/7 no matter where we are.

One more similar incident happened during my latest visit to Guruji. Guruji had come to Delhi and I just couldn’t hold myself back from meeting Him. So I went to Delhi, It was July 20, 2011. There were a few others also from Chandigarh along. Guruji were scheduled to arrive at airport. I headed towards it, but being late, I couldn’t reach there in time and Guruji left. He went to Gurgaon. So I changed my route to Gurgaon and reached where He was staying. There I had to wait till evening to see Him. He came and we had a fantastic satsang. Afterwards, we bid adieu to Him and decided to come back overnight. It was 10.15 PM. We were in Gurgaon and had to take a metro to ISBT Delhi to catch the bus. The last metro departs at 11 PM. So, we, four of us, went to the roadside to catch an auto, but nothing was available there. We were vigorously searching for something to take us to metro station. Finally just 20 mins were left and I thought that if not now, then we would be in a big discomfort, as we were all very tired also.

So, I decided to use the final arrow in my arsenal, I closed my eyes while standing on the road, and prayed Gurudev, “Guruji yaar kuch karo, verna samasya ho jayegi..” [Guruji, please do something dear, else it would become difficult..]. I ask Him for such minor things as the last option, when nothing else works. As soon as I finished my prayer, with the eyes still closed, I felt light beaming into my eyes. As I was on the road, so I instantly opened my eyes, fearing that someone could ram a car into me. What I saw was two Sumos and they stopped near us…!! I just couldn’t believe what had just happened. Earlier there used to be some reaction time of seconds, but now, even that was gone!! How amazing..!!! I told this to one of my fellow, and He was also surprised. I was feeling overwhelmed by the way He was listening to us and it further strengthened my faith, that we are being taken care of.
We hired one of the Sumos and managed to reach the station just in time. As we climbed to the platform, the metro had just arrived, and we rushed in

Once someone asked Guruji that how He comes to know when anyone calls Him from anywhere as there are millions around, how exactly does he come to know??
And He smilingly replied, “There are so many hair in your head, but even if any is pulled, you come to know na? That’s how I come to know..”

Isn’t it wonderful?? J

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