The Real Essence..

Well, after writing it all in so many words, for so many days, what really comes out? What is that which made it all possible? What is the real essence???
Well, if you want to listen it in two words.. then it is “Unconditional Love”.
This is the real essence as I could get. This Unconditional Divine Love is the most amazing thing that you can experience with Him. He loves you no matter how you are, whether you are poor or rich, ugly or beautiful, sinful or like an angel.., in Art of Living or not, of any religion, of any caste, of any colour, of any sex, of any nationality, of any species..(am talking about animals too..), it just does not matter. He says, “You are Love”. He says, “Love is not an emotion, it is your very existence”. He says, “Log kehte hain ki khuda nazar nahi aata aur mai kehta hoon ki khuda ke siva kuch nazar nahi aata..” [People say that we do not see God, but I say we do not see anything but God]. For Him, every soul is a part of the same divine consciousness. And moreover, He loves everyone uniquely!!
People often ask me about my relation with Him. They sometimes ask, “Does He know you personally?” and I simply smile, wondering what to say, as He is the only one who knows me, all others including me know only ‘Vinay Bansal’ and that too incompletely.
It is not some of these miraculous incidents that I have stated above describe my relationship with Him. These incidents are not even the expression of it. Because.., the way I feel, the way Heart blossoms, the way Love and gratitude pours in, in His presence is beyond the capacity of words to describe. It can only be felt deep within. Try seeing into His eyes once. Those are so much full of Divine Love that it directly touches the core of your existence. A glance from Him is enough to make you fall in Love with Him. It is so touching, so fulfilling that lacks disappear at once, desires vanish, mind goes blank, gratitude blossoms, your smile will touch the horizons or your eyes will become the source of the Holy Ganges!! That Love is so pure, so genuine, so divine that I don’t have more comparisons to make. My relationship with Him is that of that Divine Love, pure & unconditional..
A devotee loves a Master, which may be conditional, but a Master loves a devotee much more than a devotee does and His love is unconditional and pure, devoid of any distortions.
For me, He is an incarnation of Divine Love. In Him reflects the Joy of Krishna, the Silence of Buddha, the profound Knowledge of Adi Shankaracharya and the Innocence of a lovely child. You can see the depth of an ocean in Him, you can see that fountain of boundless joy & compassion in Him, you can see the vastness of sky in Him, you can see the glimpses of infinity in Him, you can see the reflections of Divinity in Him, you can see your ‘self’ in Him.. And these are not some superlative words that I have acquired from somewhere, but this is how I have experienced myself..!!
It is the intense Love of His, that Divine Love which emanates in His presence, is the binding force between the two of us and the millions also for that matter. He has left us with no choice, but to Love Him…!! It is a relationship of not just a lifetime, but of lifetimes..
Sometimes, I thought, “Let’s try to find a reason to hate Him or can I have such a kind of thought?” So I closed my eyes and tried to find a reason to hate Him, but surprisingly, I failed. I couldn’t find any reason to have that kind of thought for Him, which we often get for most of others. I have tried and failed many times. Those who have felt the grace flowing through may also give it a try once J. The thing is, how can you hate somebody who is nothing but pure Love? You just cannot..!!
Over a period of time, He has taken me through such situations and experiences in life which have made me realise that my Love for Him is also nearly unconditional.
People often talk about Guru Stories (Miraculous incidents that happen in devotees’ life), but as pointed out once by one of the most amazing YES+ teachers, Virat Chirania, when I once asked him to share a Guru Story, that “Your life itself is a Guru Story” and yes.. I realised that day, it is indeed one.
So here, I have presented to you a Guru Story, which is just 25 years long and I hope it will continue for many more years in this lifetime.. J
To sum up it all, I have written a few words for Him, about which I have stated in the previous post also… As I said, that words would not be having that capacity, but still, I hope that these will nearly be able to express the emotions and essence of some thousands words that I have written above…
Here it goes..
राम को भी निहारा मैंने और कृष्ण ने भी मन लुभाया..
इन मूर्तियों में मैंने... अनेक रंगों को पाया..
देख सुन कर भी सब कुछ, भाव दिल में न उतर पाया..
पर जब देखा तुझको पहली बार, तो सारा मर्म समझ में आया..

जो सहजता है तेरे भाव में, जो चेहरे पर है सच्चाई..
जो झनका दे दिल के हर तार को, वैसी मुस्कान है तूने पाई..

जितनी मासूमियत है तेरी बातों में, उतनी ही ज्ञान की ऊंचाई..
इतनी गहराई है तेरी आँखों में जैसे, सारी क़यामत सिमट आई..

ऐसी मस्ती है हर अदा में तेरी, कि प्रेम की गंगा बहाई..
कभी हँसता हूँ तुझे देख के मै, और कभी आँखें भर आई..

जीना आ गया मुझको, जब तूने रहमत बरसाई..
पा कर ही तुझको जाना मैने, क्या होती है खुदाई..

पर अब भी जितना चाहे देखूं तुझे, मन फिर भी न भर पाया..
जितना भी और जानूँ तुझे, उतना ही रहस्य गहराया..

तेरी इस मौज को तो बस, कोई मौजी ही जान पाया..
तेरी असीमता की थाह को मै, अपनी मन-इन्द्रियों से न नाप पाया..

अब हूँ मै शरण में तेरी नाथ, झलक तू ही दिखा दे कोई..
हो जाऊँ तेरा मै तुझ में एक, और मिट जाये हस्ती मेरी..

With pranaams at the lotus feet of my Gurudev, I mark the beginning of this ‘Guru Story’..

J Jai Gurudev J

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