My Tryst with Destiny, My First Course..

Finally, the day came, Feb 20, 2010 and I reached at the course venue. The course teacher was Aakash Sharma, but he had not come that day. Pratibha Ji were taking the course along with another teacher. On the first day itself, I got to experience the Sudarshan Kriya for which I had been waiting for so long. I was very excited about it, as what it would be like experiencing it? Finally, I sat for doing it, closed my eyes and started following the instructions given to me.
Perhaps I didn’t realize that my life had started to take a new dimension there. I followed their each and every instruction very carefully. During the Kriya, I had some very unique experiences, which I had never experienced before in my life even after practicing different yogic exercises for so many years. And when I opened my eyes after its completion, it felt like something got lifted off from me. I was totally blank, empty and it seemed like world had come to a standstill. That was a divine and wonderful experience. The teacher told me that I should do it for at least 40 days regularly, and I thought, “40 days regularly??” I doubted if I would be able to do it, as I was also keen on continuing with my previous practices. But look now, it has been more than 600 days and I haven’t missed it even once! Isn’t the grace flowing through?
The teacher Aakash Bhaiya, came on the second day, after the first half of the course and propelled a new energy into the environment. It was all fun and a process of total transformation. On the final day of the course, he introduced to us ‘Jai Gurudev’, the two words that we use to greet when we meet a fellow AOLite, and its meaning which means “Victory of bigger mind over the smaller one”. But my mind didn’t accept it as I had taken a Guru Mantra from someone else earlier. I doubted as can I say Him ‘Guruji’?? Then, during the course I came to know more about Sri Sri, a few ‘Guru stories’ and also saw a video, ‘Love Moves the World’…
Don’t know, the world moved or not, but that video definitely moved something inside me… deep inside my heart and soul. In that video, I saw Sri Sri giving a very loving embrace to a crying person who seemed very ordinary like us and I wondered “Is He so readily available??” That video touched my soul and filled up my heart upto the throat. I asked Aakash Bhaiya, “Bhaiya, kya mai bhi ‘Guruji’ se gale mil sakta hu??” [Can I also hug ‘Guruji’ the same way?] and he replied, “Haan, mil sakte ho, tum agar bologe to vo mana nahi karenge” [Yessss, you can, you just need to make a wish to Him, and He won’t decline]. And I thought, “Oh.. Wonderful”. Then I came to know that Yes+ had planned a trip to Rishikesh the following week where Sri Sri had had come for some days. Though I knew it earlier also, but after the course I decided that no matter what, I am going to Rishikesh to meet Him.

So, finally the course got over, but it was a life transforming experience. I was feeling full of joy, enthusiasm and peace. I was feeling like.. "Why I missed it for 23 long years of my life?? Why I missed it for so long?? Had I done it earlier, don't know where would I have been..!!" The attitude and outlook towards life had undergone a profound transformation after doing the course.
I also made two very good friends there, Ashima Garg and Shweta Bhaskar.

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