“Mee Tooo..”

The long awaited wait was finally going to get over for the Tricity. It was time for Guruji to come to Chandigarh. There was a lot of anticipation and enthusiasm in the air for Guruji’s Visit to Chandigarh. I had called my Mother also for it.

Guruji arrived in Chandigarh, it was Nov 9, 2010 and we all went to Airport to receive Him. Afterwards we were chasing Him the whole day and it didn’t finish until He went to sleep. But I had not been able to meet Him thus far, as the crowd was too much. Next day, He was scheduled to depart to Ludhiana. But next morning, I got information from my friend that He was at someone’s home and not many people were there. So, I along with Ankit and Varun went there. There weren’t too many people around, but we were not allowed to go inside. Aakash Bhaiya, my first course teacher was guarding the entrance and despite requesting a no of times, I was asked to wait for some time.

Don’t know if I am right or wrong, but the attitude of these teachers change when Guruji is around. They become more formal and strict. May be, they are right on their part, as otherwise, chaos would spread and things would become very difficult to handle, but from a devotee’s point of view, like me, it becomes very painful.

So, he asked me to wait for some time. Meanwhile I had plucked a flower to give it to Guruji. Aakash Bhaiya told me to do some seva and transfer some of Guruji’s luggage from one car to another. While I was doing that, Guruji’s car came out and I had both my hands loaded up to neck with gifts that people had presented Him earlier. I thought, “He is gone now and I won’t be able to meet Him”. As the car passed by my side slowly, I took some steps towards it with my hands still loaded. Seeing it, Guruji asked to stop the car, and brought down the window glass. I looked at Him and He looked at me. Nobody else was there to disturb. And then, all I could say to Him was, “Love you Guruji” somehow handing over the flower to Him from my pocket, as the hands were still loaded, and He replied in His own characteristic manner, showing a ‘V’ sign touching His heart, meaning, “Mee tooo..”. It is inexplicable how I felt to hear that, it was sooo touching and so soothing.

The happiness that we feel, when we get to hear from the person, whom we love so much, also loves us, is beyond words to be explained and it multiplies a thousand folds when a Master says this as His Love is divine and unconditional.

It was not over by then, He came back after some time and I along with some other people had the privilege to sit very near to Him for some 15-20 mins.

The next day, there was a satsang in Ludhiana, and this time also, I just couldn’t resist going there. So, I along with three other friends, Ashima, Shweta and Varun decided to go. We hired a taxi and headed to Ludhiana.
To describe this trip, I’ll not be wasting any more words of English. The essence of it lies in the following lines written by me.

कुछ पल सहमे-सहमे से.., कुछ बातें अनकही सी थी..
बोल तो रहीं थी ज़ुबानें मगर, सुन रही ख़ामोशी थी..
पहिए तो थे कुछ धीमे-धीमे, पर वक़्त मे ही कुछ थी तेज़ी,
हम चाह तो रहे थे खुद मे ही रखना, पर ज़ज़्बातों को बेचैनी थी..

ना हमने कहा ना उनने कुछ, पर बातें बहुत सी कह दी थी..
हमे लगा कि  सुना होगा कुछ तो, पर उनने तो ना पहले कह दी ही थी..
पर क्या रखा था कहने-सुनने मे, हम तो यूँ थे इक जुगनू जैसे,
जल भी रहे थे; जी भी रहे थे, क्योंकि मुलाक़ातें संग उनके कुछ पल की ही थी..

... क्योंकि मुलाक़ातें संग उनके कुछ पल की ही थी..!!!

I hope these words suffice those moments.

The satsang in Ludhiana was one of the most amazing statangs that I have been a part of. On this trip, I had an experience in which He taught me, that it is the bhaav which is important than anything else, and this is what gets manifested in presence of the Master, and that too in the most natural of manners possible.

We had a great time there. While we were going, I had seen large flex hoardings of Guruji on the light poles alongside road and the pic of Guruji on it was too lovely not to be taken along and I had decided that I would carry one while going back. So while going back, at midnight, I climbed on one of the pillars and pulled down one such hoarding, removed the flex photo and happily carried it along, only to be pasted in my room’s wall. J

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