His Promise..

There is a poem written by Guruji, which makes a lot of sense to a devotee and worth mentioning here before moving forward, as a few promises awaits ahead.. J

If I had to promise you something, what would it be?
I can’t promise that you would always be comfortable…Because comfort brings boredom and discomfort.

I can’t promise that all your desires will be fulfilled…Because desires whether fulfilled or unfulfilled bring frustration.

I can’t promise that there will always be good times…Because it is the tough times that make us appreciate joy.

I can’t promise that we will be rich or famous or powerful…Because they can all be pathways to misery.

I can’t promise that we will always be together…Because it is separation that makes togetherness so wonderful.

Yet if you are willing to walk with me, if you are willing to value love over everything else I promise that this will be the most rich and fulfilling life possible.
I promise your life will be an eternal celebration,
I promise you I will cherish you more than a king cherishes his crown,
And I shall love you more than a mother loves her newborn.

If you are willing to walk into my arms,
If you are willing to live in my heart,
You will find the one you have waited forever….
You will meet yourself in my arms…

I Promise...

This is something eternal and incredibly awesome and a source of strength for someone who has felt the grace flowing through.

As a matter of fact and experience of millions since time immemorial, the words of an Enlightened Master don’t fail. Whatever comes out of his mouth, nature aligns itself to it and starts realizing it. So, when He promises something, it is bound to get realized, without any iota of doubt.., its just that we need to take a step forward J.

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